Services of experts and consultants of Biotechnological Business Incubator of Moscow State University form an integral part of process of converting promising research ideas into developed and prepared for start-up investment project.

Business Analyst.

Collaboration of "start-up" participants  with business analyst creates good conditions to  condut competently market research,  develop a business plan, to carry out concept development and optimization of business, form a market strategy, to determine the strengths of the project for presentation to investors.

Patent analyst.

For Biotechincubator resident teams it is possible to organize regular interaction with the patent expert to manage the issue from  the level of "useful advice" up to the patent examination, registration of a patent and the development of intellectual property protection strategy.


Consulting Accounting aimed at identifying upcoming tax burden on businesses, the choice of optimal taxation system, risk assessment, and learning by the team-resident the basis of accounting. When necessary, the examination of agreements regarding the tax consequences could be carried out, other types of counseling are possible.


Legal services for the start-up projects are of demand mainly at the stage of the company (legal entity) formation. Lawyers provide assistance in selecting the most appropriate form of legal entity, in the preparation of documents necessary for registration and processing of concrete steps.

The scientific expert.

Verifying the consistency of the scientific idea and its scale is an important part of the growth of start-up project. Scientific expert consultations are aimed at optimizing the solutions of scientific problems taking into account the capacity of laboratory facilities of Biotechincubator.