Become Resident

Support System Project Biotechnology Business Incubator is designed to work with teams of residents in the following tracks:

  1. medical technology and pharmaceuticals,
  2. food biotechnology,
  3. industrial biotechnology, agrobiotechnology and green technology.

The residency begins with an examination of the project by scientific experts who decide on its viability and compliance with the Incubator rules. Projects successfully passed scientific expertise, have the opportunity to participate in the competition - qualifying session, where the idea and the team are  estimated the business community. The best projects  passed the qualifying session  become the Biotechincubator residents.

The next step of the project is the creation of a resident company - a legal entity, which will receive the help in the search of investments.
Assistance in obtaining investment takes place on the basis of the partners network, including private investors, investment funds, pharmaceutical clusters and individual pharmaceutical companies. Also it is a custom for  Biotechincubator to organize on the regular basis some events where start-up projects could be presented to the interested investors.