How To Send Request

To ensure that your project will be reviewed by experts of Biotechincubator, you must send an application  to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Requirements for application.

The application has to be sent as email attachment in the form of text file DOC or DOCX format. The application should contain the following information about the project:
* Project title.
* Scope, options: medical technology, pharmaceuticals, food biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, agrobiotechnology, green biotechnology.
* Brief description of the innovative project.
* The benefits of scientific and technological results of the project (qualitative change in production or new types) that are expected to be commercialized, in comparison with the existing results.
* Market analysis (niche market definition, the scale of the implementation of the product, the prospects of expansion of geography of the market, etc.)
* Development stages of the project.
* Intellectual property, patents.
* Participants of the project.
* Required investment.
* Existing and potential sources of funding.
* Contact details.

The letter may also be accompanied by attachment of a project presentation file.